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During his last eight years at TI and for almost 20 years while with Butler Foundation, Terry was involved in ministry at different churches in cell group ministry, youth ministry, and children’s ministry. He also had a house church for 10 years during which time God developed the missions ministry and deliverance ministry. Terry has traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala leading missions teams, conducting various deliverance conferences and pastors’ conferences, preaching at many churches while training and equipping people in ministry. The ministry has seen hundreds of people delivered and many people saved and healed of sicknesses and diseases through the power and love of Jesus Christ. Terry travels to city churches in these countries as well as ministering in small remote villages and churches throughout Mexico and Guatemala. Recently the prison ministry has opened up in Reynosa, Mexico, with many men and women being saved and delivered.

Terry, and his wife Marsha have been ministering to the body of Christ for over 25 years in various areas such as teaching, prayer ministry, training/equipping, house church ministry, missions, youth ministry and youth camps, as well as conference/seminar speakers on subjects such as Leadership, Marriage, Deliverance, and Men’s ministry and Ladies ministry. Their ministry approach is to teach the Word followed by individual hands-on ministry to the people which includes prayer and deliverance. They are firm believers in team ministry and function in that environment. The ministry extends into the home to minister to the family needs and to bring about restoration of individuals, marriages, and parent-child relationships. Ministry areas include deliverance and inner healing of those who have suffered from abuse, broken heart, rejection, abandonment, internal fracturing, generational iniquities/curses, addictions, anorexia/bulimia, etc. He has also worked with various churches in America, Mexico, and Guatemala to bring training, equipping, healing and deliverance to the body of Christ. Through this ministry hundreds of people have been delivered from spiritual bondages. Terry has a deep love and a call to minister to the Hispanic people as well as to the people in America. He has ministered to churches in Mexico in the cities of Manzanillo, Guadalajara, Cancun, Playa de Carmen, Celaya, Colima, Merida, San Luis Potosi, Reynosa, and Saltillo. He just completed ministry in the Men’s and Ladies units in the prison in Reynosa, Mexico, as well as in five churches there. He recently has ministered to churches in Guatemala conducting church conferences, pastor conferences, and meetings in the cities of Guatemala City, Escuintla, Puerto Barrios, Panajachel, and Chichicastinago.

A bible training school was begun in 2008 to train/equip students in the ministry through teaching a course on the ministry of the prophets. Additionally in 2008, he planted a church in Rockwall, Texas, and also began additional services in Spanish. In January 2009, the Spanish church officially opened in Oak Cliff, Texas.. Terry has recorded his teachings on CD and DVD media to be used in teaching, discipling, training, and equipping people in the Word. A Deliverance Training Manual has been compiled in Spanish and was taught to 50 pastors in Guatemala. Also additional manuals that correspond to the CD teachings are in the process of being compiled for release in English and Spanish.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Preparing the Way Church is dedicated to changing lives, delivering souls, healing hearts, equipping the saints and building up the people of God through the Word of God.

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