The name of our youth is "THE UNTOUCHABLES" which is based on the scripture (1 John 5:18) which says “We know that no one who is born of God sins; but he who was born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him”. Our mission at Preparing The Way Church is to train and equip our youth to handle life's trials, problems, and issues on a daily basis. The strategy is to raise them up as spiritual warriors and leaders and teach them how to overcome the deception and seduction of the world. The focus is to show them throughout the word of God what we, as the body can and should be doing, as opposed to conforming to the current world standards. We teach our youth that “God is no respecter of persons”(Acts 10:34) God can and will use them to do the things Jesus commanded us to do, such as make disciples, preach the gospel to all the world , cast out demons, and heal the sick. (Mark 16:15-18 & Matthew 28:19-20) Our heart's desire and our goal is for our youth to become bold in Jesus, stand up for their faith, and not be shaken by the enemy who has come to steal kill and destroy.(John 10:10 )


22 January 2015



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Thank you for visiting our website. Preparing the Way Church is dedicated to changing lives, delivering souls, healing hearts, equipping the saints and building up the people of God through the Word of God.

Pastor Terry & Marsha Horn

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